What does "Hide" do?

When you hide a user they are no longer visible in any searches and won't be recommended to you on the site. The hidden user also cannot see you in searches. If either of you has communicated before you can still continue communications and see their profile as normal - only searches are excluded. This helps clean up the recommendations ensuring you only see new members. If you no longer want them to see your profile or message history you can block them.

What does "Block" do?

Blocking a user makes it appear as if you have deleted your profile to them. Past communication is unavailable and you will be unable to see each other anywhere on the site. If a user is being offensive or you think they may be using fake photos you can report them.

What does "Like" do?

Liking a user is a fast and easy way to make more friends and initiate contact with many users. When you like a user they are added to your liked users list. After liking a user they are allowed to send you more than one message. They are also notified that you like them. You can later choose to show only liked users making it easy for you to contact only users you are interested in.

How to report bad behaviour?

You can click report on a users profile. You can only report a user once. Reporting bad users helps keep the site clean for everyone - thanks!

How to edit my profile or add new photos?

You can edit your profile or add new photos by clicking the top right avatar which will open a drop down menu giving you more options.

What photos are acceptable?

Photos must include yourself only if they are to be used as a profile photo. Photos of celebrities, children, or photos containing any nud1ty or implied s3xual activity are strictly forbidden.

What profile content is acceptable?

Be a nice person! Nice people get more positive attention on the site. Rather than specifying what type of person you aren't interested in - be positive and specify what type of person you are interested in. Any racist or otherwise offensive content is strictly forbidden. Do not sell products or services as this is also forbidden.

Is this site free? How much does it cost?

Using Datesy is free. Members can benefit by saving time and contacting more members from additional functionality which are enabled via paid transactions but basic communications such as sending and receiving messages are free.

How can I contact Datesy?

Feel free to email us by writing to hello at datesy dot com

How can I cancel my account?

Visit the Account page by clicking the avatar in the top right corner and after confirming your password you can either "Close account" or "Delete account".

Close account

Closing your account will make your profile unavailable to all members. They will be unable to see any unread messages with you and it will appear as if your account has been deleted. It retains all your data and you can re-open your account at any time. If you are looking for more privacy we offer more privacy functions by upgrading to a premium membership such as being selective in who sees your profile rather than being visible to everyone in the search results.

Delete account

Deleting your account is permanent and all your data will be deleted. This is irreversible and all your contacts and messages will be lost forever like tears in the rain.

How can I cancel my Datesy Premium in-app subscription (Apple iTunes)?

Simply open settings in your iPhone/iPad and select iTunes and App Store, tap on your Apple ID, then "View Apple ID". Scroll down to "Subscriptions" and tap "Manage". You can then see details of your subscriptions and cancel your Datesy Premium subscription.

How can I remove Datesy from my iPhone/iPad?

Long press on the Datesy icon on your home screen until an X appears in the top corner. Then release the hold and tap on the X to remove Datesy from your device. You can then download the app again at any time from the App Store.